Mila processes the milk from the alpine pastures from the South Tyrol region. All the farms are situated at 800 m above sea level. The farmers gained their pastures thought the millenias cutting conifere woods which originally completely covered the mountains. Now the landscape is a very pitoresc mosaic of smal structured flower meadows rich of species, groups of shroubs and trees, natural stone walls, wooden fences. Most attractiv is the flowering season of the grass meadow.
In the new Mila building part of the fabrication, administration, a Mila shop, Mensa and Cafè will be located. The surrounding is entrance, parking space,  logistic. The street along the aera is an impotant connection route and entrance to the city of Bolzano. Therefore the client wishes to transmit its image clearly.
We approximate Mila like an alpine pasture. We pass first a dark conifer wood typical for the alpine landscape. This darkness is enhanced by a wall of natural stoneSuddenly this dark scene opens to a clearance. There are flower grass meadows, some shrubs and individual trees (larch trees).

The retaining wall on the mountain side is covered with climbing plants. A green light installation gives the spaces at night a frame and a rhythmn. In its form and color it communicates substainability plus progress.
We take the outlook of the landscape as a design inspiration and make out of it a pattern for the exteriours of meadows, shrubs, woods and hills.
The building can get project mapping during the night, so the white facades of the building meld into the surrounding.

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